Note: International Money Transfer Customers are required to complete Identity Verification Procedure once to be able to send Money overseas (International Remmittances).

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State Bank of India, Sydney currently uses its e-Remit facility for Indian Rupee remittances by which Registered Customers (Customers who have completed their Identity Verification Procedure) can submit their International Money Transfer Requests online. The State Bank of India e-Remit facility is a fast, secure and efficient way for Registered Customers to send payments to India. State Bank of India's e-Remit operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week offering you the freedom to do online transactions at a time of your own choosing, and lock-in the AUD/INR exchange rate and remove any uncertainty that may be created by volatile foreign exchange markets. State Bank of India is India's largest commercial bank and the world's largest player in the Indian rupee foreign exchange market. This unique position enables State Bank to offer a competitive quote for Indian Rupees. So when you remit money to India through State Bank of India, Sydney you can be assured that you have received the most Indian Rupees for your AUD. Further, the entire transfer is arranged for a small service fee of AUD 10.00 (for amounts of less than AUD 25,000), or no fee for amounts greater than AUD 25,000. In addition, customers seeking to remit more than AUD 25,000 can speak directly with our Dealer to obtain a better rate (during the hours of 9:30am and 4:00pm on weekdays).

Remittance Method.

Our remittance products are unique and customized to suit the needs of NRIs wishing to send money home, quickly and safely. Your AUD remittance amount is converted into Indian Rupees (INR) at the time your e-Remit transaction is entered by you into E-Remit, and remitted in accordance with your instructions. Remittances are released by us only after we have received your cleared AUD funds into our account thus it is important to ensure that sufficient funds are available before using e-Remit. The Bank can only accept these AUD funds if they are sent to us directly from your own account, and cannot accept AUD payments originating from third parties. We offer quick transfer facility to all the major Bank branches at various locations in India (click here for list/IFSC code). The converted rupee amount would be credited to the beneficiary's account with other banks in India within 24 to 48 hours of the Remittance being released by State Bank of India, Sydney providing that the account details provided to us at the time of the transaction being done in e-Remit are correct (including the bank and branch, account number, account name, and other required details). The beneficiary's account is credited either through the NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) or RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) as applicable.

The main advantages of using e-Remit are :

a) Remittance in INR at an agreed exchange rate which is set at the time you enter your transaction into e-Remit. You would know the exact amount being credited in India without having to worry about any changes in the current exchange rate.

b) Where your INR account is held with another SBI Branch or another bank within the SBI Group, remittance charges are kept to a minimum as no intermediary bank charges involved. Remittance is sent directly in INR to the account with any branches of SBI Group,


c) End-to-end credit ensured within 48 hours, following receipt by us of your AUD cleared funds. Funds transferred to us within banking hours (before 4:00pm each weekday) will be processed by us on the next working day.

For payments in other major currencies, our customers can complete an International Money Transfer (IMT) application at our Sydney Branch, or complete the form after downloading it from our website and forwarding it to us. Other documentation may be required (depending on the payment method, currency, and amount required). All customers – whether e-Remit customers or IMT customers must first complete an ID check, either in person at our Sydney Branch or at any branch of Australia Post (note that in both cases, a Photo ID must be provided – such as a passport or Driver's License - along with proof of your current residential address). For further information on this topic please refer to the "Revised ID Verification Page".

In the case of International Money Transfer applications (those done manually, and not through e-Remit) these will be processed on the next business day provided that your cleared AUD funds are in our account. All manual IMT applications received on a day will be handled at the exchange rate shown in our website on that day. Application against personal cheque, however, would be processed only after the cheque has been cleared. The exchange rate for all currencies are updated by us on a daily basis between 9:00am and 9:30am (AEST). The rate once locked in for the transaction for the day cannot be changed under any circumstances. If a manual IMT application reaches us after 4.00pm Sydney time, your request will be processed only on the following business day, with the following day's rates (this differs from e-Remit, where the exchange rate is locked in by you at the time of the transaction).

For all our forex rates, please see the Forex Rates section of this website

Payment Methods

Please note these payment methods apply to paper applications recieved in person at Sydney branch. Payment methods for E-Remit are displayed within the E-Remit application itself.

You have the following options to make available funds to us for effecting your International Money Transfer Application at the branch.
1) Payment by Direct Internet Deposit (Internet Banking)
2) Payment by Cheque
3) Payment by Cash
4) Payment by Direct Debit

Payment through Internet Banking (for e-Remit and IMT transactions)

You may also utilise your Australia Bank Internet Banking for money transfer. You can transfer funds in AUD from your bank account held with any Bank in Australia, through internet Banking. This facility is free of cost with most of the Australian Banks. You are required to transfer funds to us in Sydney using the following bank details :

Bank: National Australia Bank

BSB: 082 001

Account Number: 56875 8201

Account Name: State Bank of India, Sydney Branch

Documents required:
1) Completed International Money Transfer Form.
2) Current photo ID, either Passport or Australian Driver License (License no., signature & D.O.B should be legible)

Persons tendering cash for IMT must come to the branch personally for identification when doing for the first time.

Payment by Cheque (for manual IMT transactions at branch only)

We accept your personal cheque issued from your own bank account in Australia. The cheque can also be sent to us by post. The cheque should be made payable to State Bank of India, Remittances A/c. It takes 3 working days to clear the cheque, and the International Money Transfer will be processed after we get clear funds in our account on the 4th business day. Your remittance transaction will only be processed after your cheque has cleared. In the event that your cheque fails to clear, you will be required to pay the AUD funds to us using some other method, or, if this is not possible, cancel your transaction (in accordance with our terms and conditions, and subject to any fees and charges that may result from the cancellation).

Payment by Cash (for E remit or IMT Transactions)

SBI Sydney do not accept cash directly. All cash Depost for international money transfers needs to be deposited by the remitter directly at National Australia Bank (BSB no 082 001 ) for credit of our account no 56875 8201. NAB recovers a cash Handling Fee of 0.25% of the total AUD amount for all cash deposit. This cash handling fees will be recovered from you. Please therefore add a further 0.25% of the total AUD amount (remittance amount + $15.00 IMT Service fees). In case you omit this, we shall deduct this cash handling fees from the remittance amount.


Payment by Direct Debit (for manual IMT transactions at branch only)

You can authorize us to do a direct debit on your account with any bank in Australia for your International Money Transfer. Your application would be processed by us on the date of receipt if received before 4 PM and the exchange rate would be locked in on that day itself. However, the remittance would be effected by us only on the third working day which is the date on which we get the clear funds.

Documents required for Direct Debits:
1) Completed International Money Transfer Form
2) Direct Debit Form
3) Current photo ID, either Passport or Australian Driver License (License no., signature & D.O.B should be legible)
4) Bank statement (not later than 3 months old) that shows your name (name of the account holder) and account number of the account to which you have completed in the Direct Debit (DD) form.

There are further requirement for identification when you request for Direct Debit to a joint account, that is an account with more than one signatory:
1) Bank statement (not later than 3 months old) that shows the names of the all the joint account holders and account number of the account to which the Direct Debit form refers to.
2) Current photo ID of all the joint account holders either Passport or Australian Driver License (License no., signature & D.O.B should be legible).
3) Signatures of all the signatories to the joint account in the Direct Debit form


1) Bank statement (not later than 3 months old) that shows your name (name of the account holder) and account number of the account to which the Direct Debit form refers to.
2) Current photo ID, either Passport or Australian Driver License (License no., signature & D.O.B should be legible).
3) Bank letter explaining the signing condition of the account.


Documents required for IMT transactions at branch (Paper Applications)

1) Completed International Money Transfer Form
2) Current photo ID, either Passport or Australian Driver License (License no., signature & D.O.B should be legible)
3) Copy of the bank receipt for the internet transfer

Current remittance charges (subject to change from time to time based on bank’s directives) :

SL NO Particulars Charges (in AU$)
INR Remittance
Applications through E remit
Normal Remittance
Amount in AU($) Charges Amount in AU$ Charges
$1 - $1000.99 $ 2 Upto $ 25000.00 $ 15.00
$1001.00 - $10,000.99$ 4 Above $ 25000.00 NIL
$10,001.00 - $24,000.99 $ 8    
More than $25,000 NIL    

Remittance in Other Currencies1

Not Available1 $ 30.001
Reprocessing of Error (in Each Instance)

$ 10.00

$ 10.00
Dis-Honour of Direct Debit

$ 15.00

$ 15.00
Request for Return of Funds (if transaction is already processed by us) $ 15.00 + Conversion @ TT Buying rate of Request date $ 15.00 + Conversion @ TT Buying rate of Request date
Request for Old Record (more than 3 months)
$ 15.00 each
$ 15.00 each
Verification of SBI Home Loan Documents $ 25 per set2
Life Certificate of SBI Pensioner NIL

Attestations :


a. of Account opening Documents for SBI Branches

a. $25.00 per application

b. Any other Documents

b. $ 10.00 per page

c. Life Certificates

c. Nil

1 Excluding Correpondent Bank charges if applicable

2 No charges if intimation is received from the Indian branch by SBIS

*** Charges can be paid separately or can be adjusted in remittance amount as per instruction of the customer.


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