• We promise that we will act courteously, fairly and reasonably in all our dealings with you
  • We will make sure that our documents and procedures are clear and not misleading and that you are given clear information about our products and services.
  • When you have chosen an account or service we will give you clear information about how it works, the terms and conditions and the interest rates which apply to it.
  • We will help you use your account or service by sending you statements (where appropriate) and we will keep you informed about changes to the interest rates, charges or terms and conditions.
  • We will deal quickly and sympathetically with things that go wrong by correcting mistakes quickly, handling complaints quickly and reversing any bank charges applied in error.
  • We will treat all your personal information as private and confidential, and operate secure and reliable banking and payment systems.


  • To help us meet the “Know Your Customer (KYC)” guidelines at the time of opening the account
  • Take precautions that are indicated for protection of their accounts
  • Pay service charges for remittances, collections etc. The details of charges are available on the Bank’s web site and also with our branches.
  • Provide valuable feedback on our services so as to enable us to correct our mistakes and improve our customer service.