Medium/ Long Term Loans can be arranged by us in co-ordination with our International Merchant Banking Group at Corporate Centre, Mumbai. The Term Loans can be considered for :

  • Funding Foreign Currency requirements of new projects/ expansion.

  • Individual machinery imports of high value.

  • Working Capital requirements.

The Loans can be structured by us depending on the requirement and can be offered as:

  • A bilateral Term Loan for periods ranging from 3 years.

  • In case of large project loans, the loan can be syndicated by the SBI.

The basic terms on which the loans can be extended are:

  • Tenure    :  Normally for 3 – 7 years.  Longer periods can be considered for project  loans. Repayments can be in installments or as a bullet  payment at the end.

  • Interest Rates : Will depend on the tenure of the loan and the Credit Risk Rating accorded to the company.  Loans can be extended on fixed rate or floating rate terms.

  • Other Terms :   All other terms are negotiable and will be based on the specific requirements of the loan.