State Bank of India, Sydney is one of the Foreign branches of India's largest commercial bank. The State Bank Group has over 18000 branches within India and another 150 offices outside India spread over 32 countries.

State Bank of India started its operations on the 23rd Novermber, 1998 when it opened a Representative Office in Sydney. Effective from the 21st April, 2004, the Representative Office was transformed into a full fledged branch. The branch was opened with the objectives, inter alia, to foster the trade between India and Australia through trade finance products and to help Indian Corporates to access the financial market in Australia.

The Reserve Bank of India regulates the whole Bank and the Sydney operations are also authorised and regulated by Australian Prudential Regulation Authority(APRA).

SBI Sydney offers a wide range of services such as deposits, remittances, trade finance solutions, syndicated loans etc. Synergy of the SBI Group and its specialized subsidiaries make SBI Sydney the ideal partner for your India Related business.