We have the following policies for offering banking service:

  • Our customers are offered appropriate financial products suited to their needs, taking into account the expertise, knowledge and experience of the customers.
  • We provide necessary information on our products as may be required by our customers.
  • Choice of the product on offer is left to the customer.
  • We do not solicit business at inappropriate places and hours and by improper methods.
  • We endeavour to train our staff to extend proper customer service and guidance.

We also bring to customer’s attention the following information, when dealing with the financial products offered by us.

  • Deposit insurance system does not cover customer’s deposits with us regardless of the currencies and the amount of the deposits
  • In respect of deposits in foreign currency (deposits other than in Australian Dollars), there is a potential risk of loss in terms of Australian Dollar, arising from fluctuation in currency values.
  • Premature encashment of term deposit before maturity will involve loss on account of penalty in the interest payable on the deposit.